Postmetria - Spontaneous deeper insights is a young, but experienced company that has in its history a research DNA that has been established in more than 05 years of strong presence in the digital market.

The expertise of its 04 founders(Dirceu Correa, Jeferson Weber, Eduardo Moschetta and Ricardo Lohmann) in the areas of Public Relationships and Market Research, Economics and Programming, as well as the know-how obtained from the market since 2010(under the name of Mulitpos - Intelligence in post-sales) served as the basis for what is today the current Research and Behavioral Observation software/method - Postmetria - and it has also given us the opportunity to acquire experiences such as the selection and graduation in the company incubator UNITEC/Unisinos, the award with a financial support of 03 digits by FINEP, and being one of the 5 finalist Startups of the WOW accelerator in 2014/2.

Those supports helped mature Internet behavioral research , bringing commercial relationships with renown advertising agencies, research companies and public institutions, as for instance the research companies 2Day and Destaque; agencies such as as Scale, Communicative, and Inside Direct; institutions such as Detran-RS and Ibravin; and companies such as Zero Hera, Melnick,Alphaville, World Study among others...

Also in 2014, after a deep reformulation, qualification and team size increase, Postmetria decided to pass its know-how developed while learning the web research method, to a software of the same name. This institutional change, from the emphasis on "service sale" to a focus on/priorization of "product sale", had the goal of providing an increased autonomy in observation and behavioral research, at very affordable price and quality research to all business segments(fast behavioral studies, product/company launch, market and competition analysis, target audience knowledge, market tendencies and much more...)!

And with the concept of "Spontaneous deeper insights", Postmetria marks the idea of global platform of high scalability, self-managed and the first in Brazil with an open collect through navigator, statistical samples of databases, and based on Lean Mixed Methods, adding the know-how of a categorization matrix and deep interpretation of comments from social media, always upholding usability, dynamism, flexibility in the graphical construction of knowledge. That way, we optimize inteligence and company-client learning on the Internet!

POSTMETRIA - The basis of your new market diagnostis begins here!


Qualify the way people intrepret and organize spontaneous content, generating knowledge through the Internet. We manage Business Intelligence about Human Behavior on the social web.


To be, in 2019 the most used software in Latin America and PLC(Portuguese Language Countries) for expertise and registering of web behavioral information, as well as world reference in behavioral research 2.0.